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Culiacan, Mexico

Since you’re about to visit Sinaloa, Mexico, it is worth exploring its capital city. Located northeast Mexico, Culiacan Rosales (its full name) is known as the city of the Three Rivers (Humaya, Tamazula and Culiacan). Home to the Tomateros, Culiacan is a city that outstands for hunting, nature and business tourism, mixing its natural surroundings with a modern urban infrastructure that goes hand by hand with the most modern cities.

What to visit in Culiacan Rosales?

Culiacan Cathedral:

Address: Prol. Álvaro Obregon S/N, Primer Cuadro, Centro, 80000 Culiacan Rosales, Sin.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Rosario is an architectural masterpiece of neoclassic style located in downtown Culiacan.

Botanic Garden:

Address: Av, Calzada de las Américas Nte No 2131, Burócrata, 80030 Culiacán Rosales, Sin.

Considered one of the top 10 gardens in North America by the Garden Tourism Awards 2015, the Culiacan Botanic Garden contains a collection of 1800 species and 39 pieces of contemporary art.

Temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Address: Paseo Humaya S/N, Guadalupe, 80220 Culiacán Rosales, Sin.

Also known as La Lomita for its location on the top of a hill, it’s a religious temple that offers the best panoramic views of Culiacan.

Las Riberas Park:

Address: Blvd. Francisco Labastida Ochoa S/N, Desarrollo Urbano Tres Ríos, 80230 Culiacán Rosales, Sin.

It’s located on the banks of the Humaya River and is the most important public and ecologic space in Culiacan, with zip lines, hanging bridges, wall climbing, boat rides and more.

Sinaloa Regional Museum:

Address: Calle Gral. Rafael Buelna Tenorio S/N, Las Quintas, Col. Centro, 80000 Culiacán Rosales, Sin.

It’s inside the Constitucion Civic Center, which has libraries, a zoo and sports areas. The museum keeps a great historical and archaeological collection to understand the local history. A curious object exhibited here is the 50 tons meteorite (the world’s second largest) found in 1871.

Sinaloa Art Museum:

Address: Calle Gral Rafael Buelna Tenorio S/N, Primer Cuadro, 80000 Culiacán Rosales, Sin.

Located in an 1837 emblematic building, it exhibits a collection of 400 pieces, including some created by Francisco Goitia, Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo.



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